princesses + potions + one token prince = an awesome 3rd birthday

my daughter, mars, turned three on may 30th, and ever since her older sister lexa's 6th birthday party in april she talked about having a purple & pink princess party.  now, princesses are all well & good and purple is my favorite color but as i started gathering supplies & ideas for the party it very nicely morphed into more of a garden fairy princess party with purple, pink, orange & green to add balance & whimsy to the mix.  luckily she picked pretty, mulitcolored flower plates & napkins over character princess, or even pink ones (boy, was i surprised) which helped set the tone for the party and grounded the purple & pink a bit. 

add some princesses, potions, a prince & a heavy dose of cupcakes & you've got yourself a party.

earlier that day, we'd gone to a very fun & fabulous harry potter/wizard party complete with magic wand & potion making tables.  lexa was so enthralled with the potion table that she wanted to add potions to the princess mix.  who know that kids are secret mixologists & love mixing up brews?  call a fruit juice or fresh or frozen fruit by a fanciful, magic name (dragon's breathe, phoenix tears, magical berries from the forest of lothlorien, etc) and your prince, princess or wizard will brew until they can brew no more.

in addition to brewing, the princesses + prince made necklaces, wore crowns with fancy glasses (because, after all, everyone need fancy glasses), hula hooped (or, as mars would say, 'whobee hooped') & devoured hot dogs, white on white cupcakes with pink & green sprinkles & white chocolate covered strawberries decorated with pink & purple sugar (so easy & so delish).

at the end of the eve, i'd say princesses + potions + one token prince = a very awesome 3rd birthday indeed.

p.s. yes, mars did have her very own fancy felted kitten crown but i ended up substituting it for a mistaken custom crown purchased via etsy on tuesday. 

my little princess will have to wait.

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