it's party time in portland

this past sunday, my little ladies & i went to a purplicious party for a very fancy 6 year old at a local portland park.  although the weather was touch & go (the frequent rain here right now is becoming a drag) the party was full on fantastic.  luckily, i had the opportunity to make a very fancy crown for said purplicious party & created felted kitten's most fabulously festive crown yet. 

the party circuit seems to be in full swing at the moment & i've been working on custom crowns this week.  purplicious was followed by a sweet pink on pink crown for another soon-to-be 6 year old in san francisco and i've almost completed a pink & purple variation on the purplicious crown for a little lady who turns 4 tomorrow.  next up, a black, red & gold crown & banner for a harry potter party this sunday followed by a pink & purple crown for my girl mars who turns 3 on may 30th. 

great party themes abound right now: star wars, purplicious, ninjas, harry potter, rock climbing (not quite a theme but a super fun party nonetheless).
mars is having a garden princess party and is in full on pink & purple mode.  hoping for fair weather sunday & looking forward to decorating.  will post party pix early next week.

now, back to work on my next crown.  and, yes j, i am watching 'dr who' (getting ready to queue up season 2, episode 13).  i'll hum the theme music for you soon. 

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