long time listener, first time blogger

it’s the middle of the night here in portland, or, & unfortunately I can’t sleep so for some odd reason this seemed like a good time to start that blog i’ve been thinking about.

a little about me before I begin…i’m a creative, artistically tempermented (you know what I mean), introverted wallflower, bookworm, mother of two girls—newly 6 & soon-to-be 3, who, btw, are currently sleeping—living & crafting in portland, or.  thanks for stopping by my new blog.  hope to see you again soon at a more decent hour of the day (or night).

what i’m currently:

watching—my latest television venture is the bbc series dr who which i like to watch on the computer while creating crowns. somehow sci fi & felt crowns seem to be working for me right now.

listening to—volume II by she & him. i love to sing and this suits me much better than the nickelodeon & disney channel tween/teen songs that have been stuck in my head as of late. i have a strange knack for easily remembering song lyrics and am apparently far too impressionable. plus, it bugs my kids when i sing.

reading—i started ‘just kids’ by patti smith earlier this week. haven’t read much yet but love how lyrical her writing is. would love a long quiet chunk of time to sit down with a nice cup of english breakfast tea with milk and sugar and read.  maybe that’s what i should be doing right now (sans the ebt, of course)

crafting—currently working on a full on tri purple blinged out crown for a 6 yr old’s purplicious bday party this weekend. will post pic on facebook later today. next up: a pink on pink (on pink) crown for a friend + a custom crown for my youngest daughter, mars, who turns 3 on may 31st.

bonne nuit.

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